LETTER: Lack of planning is spoiling natural beauty of Skegness town centre

A reader has been dismayed by the deterioration of the town centre of Skegness. ANL-180429-072513001
A reader has been dismayed by the deterioration of the town centre of Skegness. ANL-180429-072513001

I recently visited Skegness for the Russell Watson concert on Saturday, April 7, 2018, at the Embassy Theatre.

The evening was superb, but I was dismayed by the deterioration of the town centre of Skegness.

The centre itself seemed totally lacking in any town planning – taken over by a visibly ageing amusement arcade – a complete mishmash of contorted rides and entertainment blocking the beautiful beaches and sea.

I entered into the amusement arcade and tried two machines, both of which took my money but did not deliver the goods. Bad luck, it would appear not. Talking to nearby mothers with their children, machine breakdown and swallowing of money is a regular occurrence. Surely a disappointment to the children the arcade is supposed to attract. When I reported that one of the machines was not functioning, the man of the moment thumped the machine to get it to operate. When I asked for my money back, he did not have the right key to get into the machine and ended up paying me out of his pocket.

I met some lovely shop owners who were as one in ruing the lack of planning which has spoiled the natural beauty of Skegness and attracts, for the most part, crowds who are interested in all that the worst of commercialisation has to offer.

My departure into seventh heaven from the Russell Watson concert was soon to be shattered by the conduct and language used by some of the people who frequent the centre in the evening.

Upon registering my dismay at such vulgarity, the individual in question remarked ‘Evening, Grandma’.

Sadly, again on talking with the locals, this is a common occurrence.

Surely, something can be done to improve the planning of Skegness so that the centre is not just a blot on the landscape, but reflects the beauty of the nature it now sadly blocks.

Thanks you for your attention to this.

Christine Jackson

Via email


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Elaine Close

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