LETTER: I share CCTV concerns


I read your front page article entitled CCTV safety concerns.

I have read all the comments and I agree with the comments made by Coun Phil Kemp.

On Wednesday, January 14, I attended a meeting of Boston Borough Council’s Environment and Performance Scrutiny Committee where I serve as vice-chairman. We received a CCTV annual statistical report 2014 and were told that there are ongoing discussions with East Lindsey about CCTV.

These are some of the concerns I have:

1. If the monitoring is moved to Boston - would we lose the continuity of service/knowledge of the town (Skegness)?

2. Recently Boston has introduced the new Public Spaces Order which effectively reduces drinking on our streets which needs careful monitoring. If Boston council puts additional burdens on our staff to monitor the Boston streets as well as Skegness, I think this will hit breaking point and would affect both towns by not giving an effective service.

3. The staffing of CCTV’s in Boston at the present time covers 68 cameras with only one person on each shift monitoring them. I don’t believe this is in the interest of the staff to cover so many cameras and I would hope if Boston takes on more cameras that we would take on the staff from the existing Skegness cameras.

4. I hope that the unions are involved in any joint working between the two authorities so they can protect all staff engaged in covering CCTV’s and look after their welfare issues as it can’t be acceptable to have one person monitoring lots of cameras.

Coun Paul Kenny

Boston Borough Council

Editor’s note: A statement issued by East Lindsey District Councils says ‘whilst still being based in their respective district, Community Safety Teams would have the remit and ability to support one another across borders’.