LETTER: Do not sell Pier Field


I hope as many people as possible will register their objections with our district council over the potential to sell the Pier Field, which could pave the way for a Premier Inn development.

For years the Pier Field has been a valuable recreational amenity for the enjoyment of local people and visitors alike. It is the last open green area along the foreshore for events and once lost, will be lost forever.

I am very concerned about the viability of Premier Inn’s plans. We are told that they considered sites in the town and ruled out all-but the Pier Field, yet in many other areas Premier Inns can be found in edge-of-town locations at junctions and roundabouts. That they so desperately need to be at the heart of the foreshore to develop in Skegness suggests a weak business model and little confidence in the town as a whole - so how can we be confident they can bring any meaningful benefit to us?

I worry that in several years, when Premier Inn have found Skegness doesn’t suit them after all, they will have no qualms about withdrawing just as M&S did and leaving us with a large empty building in the heart of the seafront.

The potential benefits of selling the site are outweighed by the loss to the town, not only materially but in the morale of the many residents who have so passionately objected. I hope our councillors remember when they make their final decision that these are the people they were elected to represent.

James Hardaker