LETTER: Do campers pay to park in their home town?


In replying to your article about Huttoft Car Terrace.

First, there where only nine camper vans that weekend not 15 as stated.

What town do they come from? And do they have free over-night parking there?

As a life-long caravanner I have to book and pay up front for my weekends away.

There are many camper’s who come and pay and stay on our local sites willingly. It’s the minority that spoil it for the rest.

As I am a resident of Huttoft Bank I pay to have rubbish cleared and toilets cleaned. Why should people come and stay the night free (often many nights) with no benefit to local campsites who pay business rates for empty sites?

PS The Car Terrace was full of cars that weekend.

M. Colley

Huttoft Bank