LETTER: Councillor should seek re-election


It seems politicians are becoming as fickle as footballers in the way they change allegiance from one cause to another when it suits them.

But what about the supporters who are left without representation?

This case refers to Coun Chris Draper, who has sat on the town council representing Labour.

The councillor has now crossed the floor to represent UKIP.

However, she was voted in representing Labour and voted for by those who support Labour policies. Now, the councillor no longer represents those who voted for her, surely she should step down and seek re-election under the new guise of a UKIP party member?

Coun Draper goes on to lament the UK’s membership of the EU. Does she realise she cannot change this by sitting on a town council?

I can appreciate that this has occurred previously, politicians crossing the floor, but it needs to be addressed both nationally and 

When you no longer support those who voted for you, you are doing them an injustice and disservice.

Jack Sargent

Via email