LETTER: Bus lanes...is this cash well spent?


All of us are aware of the need for local councils to make budget cuts and the resulting impact on services they are now able to provide.

Why then, does the county council believe there is a need to spend thousands of pounds in order for the A52 Roman Bank bus lane to be extended so that the current two are linked to form one continuous road? The answer is to ‘alleviate congestion on the (bus) network during peak periods’.

So when are these ‘peak periods’? I suggest it is for the six weeks of the main holiday season, and even then only during the peak hours of the day, say between 10am and 4pm, when passengers wish to visit Skegness from a northern direction.

That, therefore, comes to around 252 hours for this period, out of 8,760 hours per year.

Is this really money well spent? I do not feel it is.

What time is saved using the bus lane is soon lost once buses reach Winthorpe Avenue and on into main town centre.

The council only needs to put a sensor at the bus lane traffic lights on the A52 near Butlin’s to realise how little they are activated the rest of the year, or indeed during peak season out of the main hours.

John Orgine

via email