LETTER: A message to motorists driving through villages - slow down!

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This is the story of Fred the cat (who lives in Burgh Road, Friskney) who on October 27 was late for tea.

He was eventually found in the living room on an armchair looking quite forlorn and sorry for himself.

Upon inspection the owner (Denise Williams) found he had quite a sizeable wound on one of his rear legs and so she rang the vet and he said to bring him in. So Fred was gently placed into a cat carrier and taken to the vet arriving approximately at 9pm. The vet decided he had to keep him overnight because the wound was down to his tendons and ligaments and needed to put Fred to sleep while he cleaned and stitched the wound. It would be worth to note Denise is wheelchairbound and none of this is easy for her.

On collecting Fred the following evening Denise was told he had further unseen injuries not seen at first inspection and the vet had worked on Fred until late at night, about 11.30pm such was his injuries.

He said Fred had quite severe dislocation of an elbow on a front leg and a fracture on a rear leg, seeing the X-rays it looked quite severe. The vet said the injuries were due to a very heavy collision with a motorvehicle of some description, and to begin with when seeing to Fred’s injuries was quite concerned for him considering the amount of trauma Fred had been through.

Fred is now at home recovering with further vet visits to look forward to and being on severe ‘lock down’ in a cage to stop him from jumping etc and only being let out for short periods under strict supervision for quite some weeks while a full recovery is made.

It is clear that Fred has used one, possibly more of his nine lives, and he was a very very lucky cat indeed.

So to the owner of the vehicle that hit Fred, more likely speeding through a rural village of Friskney, he is on the way to recovery, no thanks to you! In these small villages please please slow down, you never know next time it might be a child that runs out!

Stephen Willmer

Via email