Learn bushcraft skills with wildlife trust

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The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust are inviting children and parents to take part in bushcraft courses.

“For a great outdoor adventure, why not join the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust’s Bushcraft Club and learn the secrets of wilderness survival,” said a spokesperson.

Their Bushcraft courses allow children and parents to learn specialist survival skills like fire lighting, shelter building and animal tracking.

The trust say, these skills were once crucial to the survival of ancient ancestors who practiced these traditions for tens of thousands of years.

They are now being re-discovered by Bushcraft enthusiasts all over the world to better understand history, the natural world and how to survive in wilderness environments.

Build shelters, light fires and cook meals using resources gathered from the surrounding natural environment, much as they would have done thousands of years ago.

A Lincolnshire Wildlife spokesperson said: “For too long, modern society has neglected the natural world, but the knowledge of how to track and trail, identify plant species and exist in the landscape with minimal disturbance are now more important than ever, if we are to understand the wildlife and wild places we wish to conserve.”

“Most of all, these courses are great fun for adults and children alike, providing a friendly atmosphere in a beautiful outdoors setting with campfires, practical lessons in Bushcraft and a chance to learn about the wildlife of Lincolnshire,” they added.

Bushcraft courses take place at Tunman Wood Nature Reserve and Snipe Dales Country Park

and run throughout the year for anyone aged eight and over.

An advanced Bushcraft course for ages 10 and over is also available, which involves a two night overnight stay.

Many skills can be learnt throughout the course, including how to make soap from silver birch leaves, as well as how to make Douglas Fir tea

To book a place on a Bushcraft course, call 01522 696926 or email whisbyeducation@lincstrust.co.uk.