LATEST: Witness accounts of the Bottons Pleasure Beach ride accident

Ride accident
Ride accident

AS the emergency services rushed to assist the injured, several worried parents, relatives and holidaymakers waited for information.

Holidaymaker, Melvyn Wilson of Nottingham, said: “I saw the whole thing come down.

“I was sat down and you should could hear the ride going clink, clink, clink and then bang!

“It made such a bang when it came down and what was worst was my sister’s granddaughter was on the ride.

The family, who are staying in Skegness till next Saturday, came with granddaughter, Saffia Wilson who is just nine-years-old.

“There was definitely nearly a full ride apart from about one seat.

“Saffia was crying for her mum but she isn’t with us here.

“Paramedics are examining her now and I think she has hurt her arms.

“I mean you could see the carriage, it just smashed into the decking.

“Something like that would seriously hurt someone, I didn’t know Saffia was on there at that point and I think she seems to be OK.

“I heard that there was a service carried out on that ride this morning and also these boys around 13 or 14 said, as they’ve been on the ride before, that this morning it didn’t feel quite right.

“It could be the teeth that sit within the motor as that is the type of sound it made.

“It was such a bang and it was like a blooming plane crash.”

Teresa Caddick, holidaymaker from Barnsley, said she also saw it after it had dropped and also the noise it made.

David Caddick, Teresa’s son, said: “I was sat at the hotdog stand and I watched it come down.

“It took about four seconds for it to fall and it made a clunking sound before it fell down to the ground and made this huge bang.

“It sounded like the crank shaft had gone on the motor and the teeth were not gripping.

“I’d say there was about 12 people on it and one seat empty.

“I think this little boy who looked about seven or eight was in the seat which hit the floor the most.

“I could see him just sobbing.

“He looked terrified.”

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