Labour group announces spending priorities


A new fund supporting charities and voluntary groups is among the priorities in spending plans put forward by the Labour group on Lincolnshire County Council.

The Labour Group will be issuing a range of alternative proposals when the Conservative run council considers the 2015-16 budget on Friday.

Priorities outlined by the party include protecting for police and fire service, essential services and vulnerable people and charities and voluntary groups.

Labour Group leader Coun John Hough said: “We are facing difficult times with austerity forecast far into the future under the Coalition Government’s failed economic policies.

“What we are proposing in our budget is to protect our society from some of the worst of the Tory led cuts. The police are already under pressure from lack of funding. It would be quite wrong for the county council to withdraw more funds from them. We will protect their funding along with that for the fire and rescue service.

“We will be putting in funding to maintain the CAB in children’s centres, additional funding for the housing support services and for maintaining our library service.

“Charities and voluntary groups have been at the sharp end of the Coalition Government’s policies. They have been hit twice. There have been large cuts in funding from the Government and the council while at the same time there has been a huge rise in demand for their services as public spending is reduced.

“Our budget will both protect some charities from the worst of the proposed cuts and will set up a new fund to enable charities and voluntary groups in Lincolnshire to apply for new funding when they need it.”