Kite surfer rescued from sea

Skegness RNLI inshore lifeboat. Photo: RNLI
Skegness RNLI inshore lifeboat. Photo: RNLI

A kite surfer was rescued by RNLI lifeguards and lifeboat crew after being blown into the sea off Skegness beach

RNLI lifeguards Richard Gott, Courtney Fear and Ben Forman were patrolling the beach yesterday (Wednesday) at 5pm when they spotted a male kite surfer whose kite was down around 300 metres out to sea.

The charity’s lifeguards quickly co-ordinated a rescue plan and also called for assistance from their colleagues at Skegness RNLI lifeboat station.

Lifeguard Ben Forman paddled out to the scene and found that the man had lost his kiteboard and was struggling to make it back to the shore.

Ben ensured that he wasn’t injured and kept him safe until Skegness RNLI’s inshore lifeboat arrived.

The volunteer lifeboat crew Craig Hopkins, Matt Jackson and Ned Kelly helped the casualty into the inshore lifeboat and also managed to recover his kite. He was then brought back towards the shore and the lifeguards assisted him onto the beach.

Both the lifeboat crew and lifeguards performed casualty care checks on the man and found that he was injury-free.

The lifeboat crew then recovered the man’s kiteboard from the water and reunited him with his kit.

Daniel Cooper, RNLI lifeguard supervisor, said: “Yesterday’s incident was a real team effort, our charity’s lifeguards and lifeboat crew performed a seamless rescue at Skegness. Thankfully the man didn’t sustain any injuries and he was very pleased to be reunited with his kite surfing kit as it was brand new.

“We would always advise people to visit a lifeguarded beach and to come and chat to our team for advice about tide times and the safe areas in which to enjoy the sea.”