Kings celebrate their Diamond Wedding

Gladys and Neville King have celebrated their diamond wedding. Photo by John Crossland.
Gladys and Neville King have celebrated their diamond wedding. Photo by John Crossland.

THEY’VE had their ups and downs, ins and outs but after 60 years of marriage the Kings are still going strong.

Neville and Gladys King celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary at their Eastville home on Thursday, and claim the secret to a long and successful marriage is being prepared ‘to give and take’.

An agricultural theme runs through much of their life together, starting from when they first set eyes on each other by the side of a potato grave at Allewell’s Farm in Stickney.

Two years later the happy couple were married at Stickney Church, followed by a reception at the Infant School opposite.

Neville worked a series of farming jobs in the local area including Candlesby and Dowsby, where Gladys also found work weighing blackcurrants and strawberries picked in the local farms.

Later they moved to Eastville to help Neville’s brother with the thrashing and lived in a house which stood on the same site as their current home in Clarkes Close.

Neville went on to work as a lorry driver and a coal man, whereas Gladys became the crossing keeper on Spilsby Road, living in the crossing house.

Following their retirement the couple moved to New Leake before returning to their present address 12 years ago.

In celebration of the momentous occasion on Thursday, Neville and Gladys were taken for a delicious meal at the Royal Oak in Candlesby by their son Barry, daughter Christine and a dozen other relations.

They were also visited by staff from the Lincolnshire Rural Housing Association, which manages their home, and received a letter of congratulations from the Queen, which has taken pride of place on the couple’s mantelpiece.