Kind-hearted cabbies save summer for needy

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DOZENS of kind-hearted cabbies turned out in Skegness last week when they organised a day trip to the seaside for hundreds of disadvantaged children.

Last Tuesday (July 26) over 400 youngsters were treated to a priceless childhood memory thanks to the wonderful work of 6five2’s taxi from Mansfield.

Most of the youngsters would have been unable to afford a trip to the coast without their generosity.

“All of the drivers donated their time and fuel to take these families to the coast for the day, with over 50 cars and mini buses and two 70 seater and one 50 seater coaches,” said Barry Answer, one of the organisers.

“In the current climate these families had a day to remember. We also took some senior citizens from the community at Burlington Drive area in Mansfield.

“Our aim was to take as many children to the coast as we could,” they added.

It was the third year running that the warm-hearted cabbies ferried children and disadvantaged families ot the coast - and this year’s event was bigger than ever.

But it wasn’t just the Mansfield taxi drivers who were generous on the day - local firms also chipped in to give the families an affordable day out.

Everyone from Flippers Restaurant, Simpson’s Traditional fish and chips, Chris Epton’s donkey rides and Simon Managham Ice Cream to The Road Train, the Original Crazy Golf and East Lindsey District Council chipped in.

“We thank all the local business for their help and support,” said Barry.