Keep your hound happy during dog days of summer


With the long warm summer days ahead, East Lindsey District Council’s dog warden is urging people to take steps to ensure their dogs stay safe.

While summer is a fantastic time to be a dog owner – with the prospect of long summer walks, splashing in the water and fun times in local parks, there is also a need to be aware of your dog’s health, making sure that they stay safe.

Dog warden Sue Farenden offers some top tips to keep your pet safe this summer;

Prevent heat stroke by making sure dogs do not get too hot. The most common cause of heatstroke in dogs is from being left in a stationary car. Even leaving a window open an inch is not enough to prevent heat stroke – never leave a dog unattended in a car. If you come across a dog which appears to be in distress in a hot car, call the police on 101;

Dogs can burn in the sun just like people. White, light-coloured, and thinly coated dogs have an increased risk of sunburn so apply a waterproof sunscreen formulated for babies or pets. Be sure to cover the tips of your dogs ears and nose, the skin around its mouth, and back;

Footpaths, patios, sand and other surfaces can all burn your dog’s footpads. Try to walk your dog in the morning and at night when outdoor surfaces are coolest.

Prevent dehydration by providing your dog with unrestricted access to fresh and cool water both indoors and outside. If you run a cafe or other business, consider situating a bowl of water outside the premises for dogs;

Take care when travelling with your dog during the summer to prevent it from becoming lost in unfamiliar surroundings. Make sure you microchip your dog and add a contact information tag to their collar. If you move home make sure that you update the microchip information. If you have lost a dog, or find a lost dog, contact the council on 01507 601111.

Dog owners must also ensure that they pick up after their dogs when out and about.

This is one of the issues tackled in the council’s Responsible People Campaign encouraging people to act responsibly by not littering, fly-tipping or failing to pick up after their dogs.

For more information on the Responsible People campaign visit