Join volunteer effort to keep beaches clean

Volunteers take part in a beach clean-up event last year. Picture Paul Marshall.
Volunteers take part in a beach clean-up event last year. Picture Paul Marshall.

Volunteers have had to pick up more than 6,700 pieces of rubbish from Lincolnshire’s beaches - according to latest figures released by the Marine Conservation Society.

Plastic bags, drinks bottles and cans, food containers, dog poo bags, and party poppers and balloons top the list of rubbish found 
on the region’s shores, in the report published on 

Paul Marshall, local group leader for Coastal Access For All and organiser of beach clean-ups for Skegness, said: “The main two beaches in Skegness are looked after by the council but we find a lot of rubbish on the other 

“Last year we found 100s of cigarette butts and cotton buds, nine soiled nappies in 100 yards, plastic bags, 45 dog poo bags, screwdrivers, knives, a tremendous amount of glass and bottles and plastic containers with no idea what was inside. There was even a five gallon drum of used engine oil.”

The items were found as a group of volunteers cleaned the shore line starting from the skate park, along the Sea View walk up to the North Shore golf course and Winthorpe.

Sue Kinsey, senior pollution officer for the Marine Conservation Society, said: “It is a huge eye opener how much litter is on a relatively clean beach. It’s not just from leaving rubbish on the beach. It’s from putting things down the toilet that should be put in the bin that are contaminating our rivers and seas and washing up with the tide. For instance, by dropping rubbish in a city - people might not realise that it could end up on a beach somewhere else in the country.”

Skegness’ next beach clean up takes places on Saturday. To get involved call Paul on 01754 768775 or email him at