‘Jail birds’ are raising cash for charity

Home Start at Kirks Butchers, Skegness.
Home Start at Kirks Butchers, Skegness.

Fundraisers are to be banged up and humiliated for the crime of supporting a local charity and they need help from people to bail them out.

The Skegness Six are doing their bit to raise funds for Home-Start East Lindsey in the Jail and Bail initiative.

They face jail on Saturday, April 26, and will only be released back into society if they can raise the bail through donations.

All the money raised will support the charity’s work with local families with young children who are suffering tragedy and hardship

The six ‘offenders’ include Coun Jim Carpenter, currently Mayor of Skegness, John Kirk of Kirks Food Group and Skegness Round Table, Martin Brown of Visit the Seaside, Nick Squires father and nurse at Pilgrim Hospital, and Max Smith, father and caretaker for two local schools.

Supporting the event are the Skegness Lions Club, The Hildreds Centre, The Village Church Farm and the Police Cadets who will be helping on the day and giving the Jail Birds a unique Victorian style jail and punishment experience.

The ‘jail birds’ will be arrested for ‘not doing enough for their local community’, then with just a mobile phone and list of contact numbers, they will have to raise at least £500 each for the charity in order to be bailed and released.

Martin said: “This is shaping up to be a really exciting event and a great opportunity for us all to get together and do something for this local charity. I have to say I am a little apprehensive about being arrested but I am hoping I will have generated plenty of support to help get us get bailed before we have to endure too much public humiliation.”

Kathryn Laverack, of Home-Start East Lindsey, said: “This is a great team effort from our volunteer jail birds and all the organisations helping make the event possible. “

Preparations are under way at the Hildreds Centre where the Skegness Six will be jailed and put on full public display and The Village Church Farm have been busy getting ready for their forthcoming inmates.

Site manager Sue Shelford said: “The prison cell has been refurbished to exacting standards. Unfortunately, for those behind bars, it still looks a little depressing, with a distinct lack of light but it does retain the charming features that one would expect in a 19th century cell.”

During the event, Home-Start volunteers and the Skegness Lions Club will be campaigning on behalf of the Jail Birds, protesting their innocence and collecting to help raise the bail money required to spring them out.

Families seek support from Home-Start for reasons as diverse as isolation, bereavement, multiple births, illness, disability or simply finding parenting a struggle. Home-visiting volunteers provide free and confidential, practical and emotional support.

If you would like further information about the Jail and Bail fundraiser call 01507 610665.