It’s up to EU – Skegness prepares to go to polls

How will EU vote? ANL-160622-170851001
How will EU vote? ANL-160622-170851001

As Skegness prepares to make the crucial vote on a future in, or out, of the European Union, we asked representatives of both campaigns to help residents who may still be unsure decide.

Matt Warman, MP for Boston and Skegness, spoke to residents back in February and Coun Sue Blackburn has been an active supporter of the local Vote Leave campaign.

Here is what they say:


‘With the referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU tomorrow, I have no doubt that many people across Boston and Skegness, and indeed across the country, who have yet to make up their mind on how to vote are carefully weighing up the arguments on both sides of the debate, to decide which view they think best represents them.

‘Since the referendum date was announced, I’ve said that one does not have to be a fan of Brussels to believe that staying in a reformed Europe could be, marginally, the better option for Britain. I think that there is too great a risk of an uncertain future if we leave, and an ‘out’ result would undoubtedly cause years of economic uncertainty while the terms of our exit are being drawn up. Nobody can know what this period will look like – there is no precedent - and I don’t agree with those who think that severe economic shock is a price worth paying.

‘For me, security is another key issue in this debate, and I attached great weight to the fact that, known Eurosceptic, Theresa May backed the deal that the Prime Minister brought back from the EU in February, believing that we will be safer within the EU. We have also seen both former MI5 and MI6 heads reaffirm this. In an age where, sadly, we face ever evolving threats to our security, European co-operation is a key weapon. Whether in the form of the European Arrest Warrant, addressing cybercrime, tackling the migration crisis or sharing intelligence on suspected terrorists, we cannot deny that decisions which are made in Europe affect us. While I do not deny that we could make individual agreements with EU member states, these would be legally complex and take some time to put into place. So, in my opinion, it is better to have a seat at the table where important, cross-European security decisions are be made, rather than being powerless to influence them.

‘I am pleased, however, that my vote in the referendum is worth no more than anybody else’s, and I fully respect the views of those who would like to leave the EU. Overall, I hope that everyone who is eligible to vote will make their voice heard tomorrow, whichever side of the argument they take, in this once in a generation decision.’


‘We will never get a chance like this again. Surely a little uncertainty is a small price to pay to regain control of our country.

Please don’t let the scaremongering on future trade put you off voting to leave, taking up our seat on the World Trade Organization ready to negotiate trade with the world including the E U, just as we did before we joined the E U.

I am sure we can make a much better job of takling our migration crises, than Brussles seems to be doing and as for sharing intelligence on suspected terrorists surely works both ways and i’m sure we will still have a close relationship with the E U as it will be in boths interest and graphically nothing will change, we will still be neighbours.

To be out of the E U will just give us the power to take back control and govern our own country.’