It’s got you talking in the Skegness area - and not a mention of the weather ...

Lincolnshire County Council wants to bring back white lines to stop retailers blocking pathways. ANL-181202-144823001
Lincolnshire County Council wants to bring back white lines to stop retailers blocking pathways. ANL-181202-144823001


Speeding is a problem

There is a constant and on going problem with speeding through the village of Hundleby which the police chose to do nothing about. As a Parish Council we have contacted the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, who have supplied the usual “Check your Speed” signs which are ignored after a while, with a view to having the camera van positioned in Hundleby. They duly installed a monitoring camera for a week after which they determined that the average speed through Hundleby is 29mph. This is a good example of making statistics tell you what you wanted to hear, there were averages being applied, no specific time windows when the speeding is worse and it also included the movements of one of our elderly residents who drives everywhere at 25mph and passed the site of the camera probably four or five times a day. Bottom line is the LRSP will not be siting the static camera van in Hundleby.

The problem occurs at the western end of the village as the B1195 enters the village from the direction of Scrafield Fork and Horncastle. The speed limit changes from 60mph to 30mph at the bottom of a hill leading into the village. No pre warning of the speed limit change exists and one of the 30 mph signs is not visible from the top of the hill. Our suggestion would be to place signs warning of the speed limit prior to the actual limit, these signs are deployed in other locations and we must assume they work. There is also a problem at the Bowmans Ridge/ Park Avenue area of the village where a stretch of straight road seems to be an invitation for drivers to exceed the speed limit.

The obvious answer is a speed camera but the chances of us getting one of those is non existent. It has been recommended that the village purchase an LED sign indicating speed, some investigation has been done on this matter and these signs are just too expensive for the limited budget of a small parish council. There is the possibility of the loan of a police speed gun for use by villagers which is being investigated.

The short answer to your question is yes there is a speeding problem through the village of Hundleby which can only be solved by a greater interest by the police in catching and prosecuting offenders, many of whom speed through our village twice every day en route to and returning from work in either Spilsby or Horncastle.

I write this as an individual not a member of the Hundleby Parish Council.

Mike Booth

Speed Watch co-ordinator for Hundleby Parish Council


It was hardly a survey

Regarding the headline - ‘More than 89% in some areas of Skegness say part lighting has had negative impact’.

Looking at the figures quoted it seems that very few people took part in LCC’s survey - just 4 in 1000 so 74.2% (in East Lindsey) of that equals less than 0.03% which to my mind is a very poor response.

If my arithmetic is correct it equates to a non-survey and either very few knew about it or cared either way!

I’d like to see the money for electricity saved by the trial go on repairs to potholes because that would mean less claims on LCC for damage to car suspension systems - saving money both ways. And as for finding my way about in unlit streets the few times I have had to I have just carried a torch with me.

Ben Hardaker



A nuisance and problem

On reading the article in the Skegness Standard I entirely agreed that the “A” Boards are a nuisance and problem. Not only are they placed on the pathway in High Street but also in the parking bay areas often causing shops to lose trade as there is nowhere to park. Many times I have been unable to park near Petsavers as there are “A” Boards in the parking areas. Cafes place their tables and chairs on the pathway and their “A” Boards in the designated parking bays and there are not enough areas to park as it is. Example being that one of the parking bays opposite Ladbrokes has a sign on the wall stating “Loading Only” but I do not see that there is much call for ‘Loading Only’ to take place in that particular area. I have seen cars get parking tickets as drivers do not realise it is ‘Loading Only’. The placing of the “A” Boards, and possibly some of the tables and chairs, should definitely be disallowed down the High Street.

Pam Smith



No action on complaints

I have just read the article on the road surfaces in Chapel St Leonards. I have reported three times the condition of the road at the junction of Sea Road and Skegness Road near Tylers Bridge in Chapel, the last time was about July last year. As of today nothing has been done about it. It is a very dangerous junction and you cannot move across the road because of the junction. The council don’t seem to do much about the road but have spent a lot of money altering footpaths to incorporate cycles. I think this money should have been spent repairing roads instead.

Alan Eason

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