Invitation to join new residents’ association

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SKEGNESS residents who are keen to raise issues of local importance and suggestions for beneficial community projects have been invited to join a new association.

Coun Carl Macey and Coun Steve O’Dare are hosting a meeting on Monday to discuss the possibility of forming a residents’ association.

Those who live within the boundaries Scarbrough Avenue, Roman bank, and North Shore Road are invited to attend Steak n Stuff restaurant on Castelton Boulevard from 6pm until 7pm.

If formed, Coun Macey believes the group could give a ‘powerful and co-ordinated voice to help solve issues’ and would give its members an opportunity to meet and discuss matters with Lincolnshire Police and councillors who sit on all three of the local authorities.

Existing associations such as the Winthorpe Residents Association (WIRA) have achieved many positive outcomes from their meetings, including the creation of a park within the ward.

Skegness residents who live outside the boundaries for this meeting but are interested in joining an existing association or forming a new one for their area have been invited to seek advice from Coun Phil Kemp,

Interested parties should email