Investigation into Skegness fairground accident ongoing a year to the day after it began

AN INVESTIGATION into the Skegness fairground accident, which left 22 thrill-seekers dangling precariously in their seats, remains unresolved, a year to the day after it began.

On August 30, 2011, calamity struck Bottons Pleasure Beach when its Surf Rider attraction failed and a carriage struck the ground.

Exaggerated initial reports suggested life threatening injuries were involved but all seven admitted to hospital were discharged within 24 hours.

Park owner Jimmy Botton said the accident marked his ‘blackest day’ and quickly decommissioned the ride from use.

Key figures in the town rallied behind the distraught ride operator who was widely praised for his cooperative approach with emergency services and the Health and Safety Executive.

But today, a year on from the accident and the beginning of its investigation, an HSE spokesperson was unable to reveal a likely date for its resolution.