Inspired by Strictly Come Dancing? Why not join a dance class near you?

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A dance club in Skegness is inviting anyone interested in keeping fit or making new friends to (quick) step forward.

With the long winter nights still with us and another series of the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing still fresh in the memory, Max and Jackie, of Lets Dance, are asking people to consider dancing as a source of exercise or for socialising.

The husband-and-wife team hold sequence dance classes at North Shore Hotel, in Skegness, and St Peter’s Hall, Ingoldmells, and monthly social dances at The Franklin Hall, in Spilsby, and – from the end of January – Pensioners Hall, in Grantham Drive, Skegness.

They said: “Dancing has always been a gentle pastime for all ages but more so when your life has slowed down and you have time on your hands.

“Not only is it good to exercise but also to mingle and make new friends, and to learn new dances and improve on older ones too. It also keeps the grey matter working.

“At our school, we have from people aged from 40 to 80 - and it’s not all about the dancing. We don’t push and realise we all have our limits and capabilities.

“As long as our pupils are learning and enjoying the experience, we are happy. We always ensure everyone leaves with a smile on their faces.”

They added: “Our aim is to promote sequence dancing in a way everyone understands and enjoys, we do not want to stress anyone out or make them panic or look small, but to have a laugh even when they go wrong.”

The couple, who are aged 61 and live in Branston, near Lincoln, started in dancing in 1998 as absolute beginners, but went on to win a number of titles before turning professional in 2013.

For more information of Lets Dance, call Max on 07710 549582, email, or find them on Facebook.