Imogen’s memorable prize-winning poetry

Halton Holegate Primary School pupil Imogen Tyler.
Halton Holegate Primary School pupil Imogen Tyler.

There may not be many years to recall when you are just 10, but that did not stop Imogen Tyler writing a prize winning poem on the subject of memory.

Imogen entered the county-wide competition with other pupils from Halton Holegate Church of England Primary School.

A delighted Imogen learned last week that she was one of the winners of the competition organised by the Willoughby Memorial Trust.

In a flash of literary inspiration Imogen, from Spilsby, wrote her poem titled ‘Life’ in just 30 minutes.

She said: “I like words and writing, and it is nice to be able to show what you are feeling or doing.

“When I found out the competition covered the whole of Lincolnshire I was a little bit surprised to have won.

“It might inspire me to write more poems.

“We got ideas off each other in class and I wrote about memory and how you remember different things that happen to you.”

The poems were written at school during the course of one day.

Head teacher Damian Sunter said: “We are exceptionally proud of Imogen.”


A Memory,

Recent history,

Your Life.

Memorable moments that come back to haunt you,

Times that laugh at you,

And times that cry with you,

A souvenir to keep with you forever.

You recall good times that you will always treasure,

And bad times not so much.

Like ghouls and ghosts,

Lurking in the dark,

Ready to jump out and shock you,

You never know...