‘How long do we have to wait to get potholes fixed in Skegness area?’

Potholes on Croft Low Road, Skegness. ANL-181202-132435001

A motorist fears ‘someone could get killed’ if something isn’t done soon about a pothole near a school at Chapel St Leonards.

Paul Wilson said he had been on the school run heading home from Chapel St Leonards Primary School on Amery Way when he heard ‘a big crash’ coming from the back of the car.

Paul Wilson stood by the pothole in Chapel St Leonards that broke a suspension spring of his car. ANL-180213-101746001

Mr Wilson said: “I had my kids in the car when my back wheel went into this pothole on the corner of Amery Way and Sea Road.

“There was this big crash and when I stopped to looked it had broken a suspension spring.

“Luckily, I know someone in the business with a scrap yard and managed to get it fixed or it could have cost me about £300.

“The road’s been like this for a couple of months and I know people have been in touch with Lincolnshire County Council and have been told it’ll get done eventually.

“But you would think with it being so near the school it would be a priority. When I stood in the pothole it was higher than my shoe. If a car hit it and the driver lost control, someone could die.”

Mr Wilson is one of numerous readers who have complained to the Standard about the state of the roads around Skegness since Lincolnshire County Council announced it is spending a further £1.7 million on filling potholes.

Among them is retired Lincolnshire County Council highways supervisor Mick Smith, of Burgh-le-Marsh, who says ‘somebody’s head should roll’ over the response to a ‘dangerous’ pothole he reported.

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