Homelessness in East Lindsey falling, claims council

There are fewer rough sleepers in East Lindsey than a year ago, the district council has claimed.

Each year councils are required to report the number of people sleeping rough to the Government.

The council claims three people were known to be sleeping rough in November, compared to 10 in 2011.

Portfolio Holder for Housing, Coun William Gray, said: “Anyone found to be sleeping rough in East Lindsey is offered support through Framework and the District Council.

“The aim is to get those sleeping rough off the streets and into accommodation where they are safe and can live a better standard of life.

“An important part of our work is to help people who are sleeping rough to reconnect with their families even if not from the area.

“People become homeless for varying reasons and some simply don’t want our help, however, the team will be working as hard as ever to give those people who are homeless the opportunity to come off the streets,” he added.

One young man supported by the council is Ryan, who is 18.

Ryan was supported by the council’s housing support team after a period of sofa surfing and sleeping rough.

Ryan, said: “From the age of three I lived with Nan because of my Mum’s drug addiction.

“When I was a teenager I got kicked out and had to live on the streets; it was very difficult and I ended up getting into a lot of fights and this is when I went to East Lindsey District Council for support.

“They helped me out so much and I am now back on track and catching up with my A-levels at college.”

Since April 2012, the District Council claims it has prevented over 350 cases of homelessness in the district through advice, guidance and support to families and individuals.

If anyone is aware of a rough sleeper, the council and its partners will make contact and offer support. The number to report instances of rough sleeping is 0800 066 5365.