Holocaust tale retold in Alford

THE HORRORS of the Holocaust were brought to life ina talk at Alford Manor House recently.

Hanneke Dye held her audience enthralled with her talk - “A Hidden Child”.

Haneke was born into a Jewish family in occupied Holland in 1943, and only found out about her birth and early years after the death of her mother.

She recounted some of the ordeals of daily life endured by her relatives who perished in Auschwitz. Only photographs remain.

Hanneke is a remarkable woman. She recounted unimaginable events yet remains free of bitterness.

Alford people and those who travelled from miles around, including Lincoln, were blessed by her visit.

Thanks to Janet and Joe Taylor who hosted Hanneke throughout her two day visit.

Also to Grant Allen and John Fullwood of the Manor House for their help and support, and to Dot Irving who organised the evening.