Hogsthorpe has ‘no faith or confidence’ in East Lindsey District Council

Dismayed parish councillors in Hogsthorpe have resolved a vote of no faith or confidence in East Lindsey District Council after the latest in a long line of disputes.

Council members at last Wednesday’s meeting decided that ELDC’s alleged failure to enforce planning conditions on a road had left residents ‘high and dry’ and was ‘the last straw’.

“The parish council unanimously resolved to fully support the residents in their quest for justice, which could end up with the local government ombudsman as a case of alleged maladministration if not resolved,” said parish chairman Coun Richard Enderby.

The councillors felt the road serving a new housing estate had not been brought up to the required standard despite it being a specific condition of the planning approval.

“Delays in finishing the road by the developer and the subsequent lack of enforcement had left residents high and dry,” added Coun Enderby.

The parish council has also accused ELDC of ignoring Lincolnshire County Council’s warnings on the issue from 2009 and ‘accepting no responsibility whatsoever’ for the problems.

The planning row followed a number of complaints which the council raised with ELDC’s chief executive Stuart Davey in January, none of which had been resolved to the councillors’ liking.

“Parish councillors had been constantly overruled and expressed concern over practically every recent decision by East Lindsey,” Coun Enderby said.

The district council’s draft housing strategy plans, permitting up to 80 new dwellings behind the Village Hall, had been another source of discontent, with Hogsthorpe councillors fearing the infrastructure, services and employment opportunities could not sustain such developments.

And the approval of new caravan parks, conflicting with the residents’ desire to retain the village’s rurality, was also said to be an ongoing difference between the two authorities.

“At a previous meeting it was likened to the old Wild West, with caravans circling,” added Coun Enderby.

The litany of complaints continued with ELDC’s alleged failure to endorse councillors’ calls for gritting routes to be extended along the bus route passing through the village. And yet more issues had been raised about the district council run area committee meetings, which the parish council felt was undemocratic, given their inability to vote on matters discussed.

Hogsthorpe’s district and county councillors Hazel Newcombe and Colin Davie also supported the parish council’s resolution. Coun Newcombe agreed to arrange a meeting at Manby to discuss the authorities’ relationship.

ELDC’s portfolio holder for planning, Coun Craig Leyland, said: “We are aware of the issues that have been raised by the parish council and that they would like to meet to discuss the matters. “As a Council we do all we can to support Parish Councils in their work.

“I look forward to meeting the local Parish Councillors to discuss their concerns in more detail and to look at how we can move forward positively for the benefit of those living in the parish.”