Hildreds Shopping Centre encourage young entrepreneurs

The Hildreds Shopping Centre Skegness.
The Hildreds Shopping Centre Skegness.

The Young Enterprise Group will be heading down to The Hildreds Shopping Centre on Thursday, March 12 as part of the Young Enterprise Programme.

The students, aged between 17-18, create and run their own company with guidance from a volunteer mentor from a local business.

“All seven students have created a real firm as part of the Young Enterprise’s Company Programme. They do everything from selling shares in their business, generating capital to work with, through to designing and making their product or service and selling directly to customers. The team at Skegness Academy, Tiempo, have been creating clocks and other items from vinyl records, all of which can be purchased from The Hildreds on March 12,” said Charlotte Smith from the Skegness Academy.

“The aim of the Programme is to help the young students gain business and employability skills. These include teamwork, problem solving, resilience and presentational ability, all things that will help them to get a job or create their own firm later in life and to get them interacting and learning from those already in work.”

Centre manager, Steve Andrews, said: “We are always delighted to support young entrepreneurs at The Hildreds, they always bring a special, unique offering to our shoppers.”

For more information on the Hildreds Shopping Centre call 01754 764899 or visit www.hildredsshoppingcentre.co.uk