High-tide flooding risk abates

FLOOD fears brought about by unusually high tides over the weekend proved unfounded as coastal defences prevailed.

On Sunday evening tides of 7.91 metres were forecasted - the highest for several years and a potential flood risk if worsened by weather conditions.

Fortunately favourable wind direction and atmospheric pressure ensured that the tides remained at a safe distance from the town despite approaching the lip on Skegness Beach.

Rail enthusiast John Davies was wary of the implications a flood would have on the town and its rail network and travelled from London to keep watch.

Though relieved to see the tides kept at bay, Mr Davies fears similarly high tides throughout the year could pose more risks if exacerbated by less favourable weather conditions.

He believes Skegness to be ‘possibly the most vulnerable significant town in the UK’ and any tides encroaching upon the eight metre mark could be dangerous.

However the Environment Agency has said that the town’s flood defences are ‘pretty resilient.’

It constantly monitors sea levels and weather conditions to warn emergency services and local communities in the event of a substantial risk.

The coastguard act on information from the Environment Agency but did not anticipate any serious implications unless strong easterly winds combined with the high tides.

Tides are affected by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun and if lunar and solar cycles coincide they can bring about exceptionally high tides.

Sea levels can also be affected by weather systems.

A trough of low pressure causes the sea beneath it to rise, which forms a surge if prevailing winds draw it towards shallower waters.

Funding for ongoing coastal defence projects was recently approved by the Environment Agency.

The scheme will protect thousands of homes and caravans along the Lincolnshire coast.

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