Heroic teen in line for Pride of Britain

Shane Wood at his work in Sainsbury's, Spilsby.
Shane Wood at his work in Sainsbury's, Spilsby.
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A HEROIC teen who delivered and then saved the life of a newborn baby looks set for UK-wide recongition after he was honoured by ITV’s Pride of Britain awards.

Halton Holegate native Shane Wood, 19, came to the rescue in February this year when a cleaner collapsed at Spilsby’s King Edward VI Humanities College.

The woman, who was pregnant at the time, went into labour and Shane, who volunteers as a First Responder, was the first person on the scene.

Despite having been a First Responder for only four months he helped to deliver the baby and, when it emerged that the child was not breathing, he administered life-saving resuscitation until the paramedics arrived.

The baby girl and her mother made a full recovery.

In recognition of his Herculean efforts Shane (pictured) has now been named among the four regional finalists in the Calendar leg of the Pride of Britain awards.

News of this recognition took Shane completely by surprise.

The modest teen said: “I was quite shocked when I found out because the first I knew was when Duncan Wood from Calendar contacted me.”

Describing the birth, he added: “Control didn’t tell me what was wrong but they had said the woman was fainting.

“I wasn’t trained to deliver a baby at that point and when I contacted control they said I could stand down if I wanted to. Because I wasn’t trained to deal with it, control said it was my choice whether I delivered the child or not.

“But I decided in that instant that I couldn’t just step down when all of this was happening.

“You go into First Responding and just deal with whatever comes your way.

“The whole thing happened very, very quickly. Within five or ten minutes of me arriving the baby was there.

“I had to deliver the child and when the baby came out it wasn’t breathing. I had to help resuscitate the baby.”

Shane works as a baker at the Sainsbury’s store in Spilsby. The firm allows him to slot his First Responder duties in around his work and, if an emergency call comes in, he can down tools and leave at a moment’s notice. He has also helped administer first aid when a customer or staff member has taken ill at the store.

A Calendar camera crew visited the store on Thursday to shadow Shane during a typical day in the shop.

The store’s proud manager, Mark Tomkinson said: “We are all very proud of Shane and the work he does for the community.

“I think it’s excellent for a member of the team to give his free time up to help people and the community.

“We realise the importance of First Responders. Being a rural community, sometimes it’s a while before paramedics can get here from Skegness, and Shane plays an important role in filling that space in time, which can be critical to lives.

“I think it is great for Spilsby that someone is through to the final and the town should be very proud of him.”

Margaret Reeve is the headteacher at the King Edward VI Humanities College, where the drama played out. She is also delighted for Shane, and said: “We were very grateful for Shane’s help and expertise when one of our cleaning staff suddenly went into labour after college had closed.

“Shane arrived promptly, correctly assessed the situation and together with teaching and office staff helped to deliver a baby girl on the college corridor carpet.

“Erica Willshere, college secretary and Angela Souter, Cleaning Supervisor helped Shane to massage the baby’s chest to stimulate breathing before ambulance staff arrived to take her to Queen’s Medical in Nottingham.”

Shane will now compete with the other three regional finalists for a place in the national final.