Help shape future of town with new community plan


Everyone interested in the future of Skegness is being encouraged to help shape a plan to improve services and facilities for the whole 

Skegness Community Led Plan chairman Brenda Futers is urging as many people as possible to have their say.

She said: “There is no limit on what could be included as long as it is what residents want. This is about our town, the way it looks and feels and the things we can do to improve it.

“The Town Council has set aside £10,000 to help the community deliver this plan. So far three public events have been held and 50 residents have signed up to the idea. The more diverse the community representatives are the better. So we need to persuade others to join.”

She said the initiative has gained support and help from town clerk Steven Larner and town manager Lisa Collins.

Mrs Futers said: “A Community Led Plan is not a Town Plan and the difference is simple. A Town Plan is led by the Town Council, it is a corporate vision with mainly commercial aims and objectives but a Community Led Plan is led by the people for the people.

“It will be a community discovery of the needs and aspirations of our town.

“It will be comprehensive and it will address all issues of concern to the community. It is a plan - for the community - by the community and is based on information provided through consultation within the community.”

The plan aims to identify and prioritise issues within Skegness and single out issues which can be tackled by community members.

It wants everyone to have the chance to get involved and have their say and gather evidence to help influence local service providers.

It hopes to increase voluntary action and involvement in community projects and most of all it aims to improve community spirit and positivity.

A further meeting will be held on June 10, at The Storehouse at 7.30pm.

The group hopes to form a steering committee where a chairman, secretary and committee members will be elected and agree a basic constitution.

Comunity consultation will follow and the plan will be produced and launched.

For more information contact Mrs Futers on 01754 763390 or 07711570482.