Help set the priorities for Skegness area’s police

Police crime news.
Police crime news.

Residents in Skegness and Winthorpe are being invited to help set the policing priorities of the area in which they live.

The Skegness Neighbourhood Policing team are currently in the process of setting up new Neighbourhood Policing Panels. Smaller areas will allow each panel to set policing priorities specific to them.

PC Sally West is the Neighbourhood Beat Manager overseeing the area as a whole, with local PCSOs responsible for each of the three smaller areas. These are:

PCSO Michelle Collins and PCSO Dee Philips – North Skegness/ Winthorpe.

PCSO Dave Bunker and PCSO Claire Scott – Central Skegness.

PCSO Ben Morris and PCSO Katie Moore – South Skegness/ Gibraltar Point.

Neighbourhood Policing Teams, district and county councillors, Neighbourhood Watch and other agencies work in partnership to act upon the issues identified by Neighbourhood Panels as being a priority for that specific community.

The panels are non-party-political, with the emphasis of empowering communities from the grass roots level.

They can address crime and anti-social behaviour, community safety and are most effective when members of the local community feed into the panels their everyday concerns and issues.

Meetings will be held once every three months and normally last about one hour.

If you think you could help, call Skegness Neighbourhood Policing team on 101 or email