Help needed at Burgh Windmill

VOLUNTEERS are being urgently sought to help bring a former mill in Burgh Le Marsh back into the community’s focus.

The Windmill Heritage Committee is now responsible for the running of the Burgh Dobson’s Mill and it is looking to recruit more helpers.

“Many of the previous helpers have either lost interest or are struggling in terms of their health and are unable to continue to work at the mill,” said Malcolm Ringsell (Treasurer, Burgh Heritage Committee).

“We are launching a campaign to bring the mill back into the local community’s focus and to try to increase our small group of volunteers,” he added.

Dobson’s Mill is a Grade 1 listed building and is of great historical importance to the area.

“While some think the mill was built around 1813, this particular mill was possibly the one described as ‘newly built’ in 1850s. Yet a map from 1810 shows a windmill already on this site. What is certain is the mill was worked as a commercial concern by the last owner’s, Dobsons, until the 1960s. It was then purchased for preservation by the county council and has been run since by groups of volunteers, most recently the ‘Friends of Burgh Windmill’, and retains many of its original features, including the five uniquely ‘left handed’ sails,” explained Malcolm.

The Friends and The History Group in Burgh le Marsh have amalgamated to form the Burgh Windmill Heritage Group to try to improve the amenities with further developments planned. The milling and farming display has been removed from the Granary, refurbished and situated in two ground floor rooms with a new display outlining the history of Burgh le Marsh taking its place.

The sails are in urgent need of repair and the county council are set to launch a maintenance programme for its windmills, the sails and cap during the autumn and winter ready for a spring unveiling and, eventually, a return to being a fully working mill.

l If anyone is interested in volunteering, no experience necessary, email the committee at or by calling Adrian 01754 811059, John 0174 810474 or Malcolm 01754 811267.