Help Mablethorpe seal a £30k pool deal for blind Nooky and Popeye

Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary has launched a campaign to raise £30,000 to provide a bigger pool for their two longest serving residents - blind seals Nooky and Popeye.

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Help Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary to raise �30,000 needed to build a bigger pool for blind seals Nooky (pictured) and Popeye.

Help Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary to raise �30,000 needed to build a bigger pool for blind seals Nooky (pictured) and Popeye.

Mr Drew, who has run the sanctuary with his wife Chloe for seven years, has pledged that if the appeal falls short, he and his staff will dig a bigger pool themselves.

Mr Drew said: “Popeye and Nooky mean the world to us and we consider them to be part of our family. It’s like we have two additional sons.

“The work to build a bigger pool is desperately needed and these guys deserve to have it. We’ll dig it out ourselves if it comes down to it.”

The seals weigh 300 kilos each and get through 60 pounds of fish a day.

The sanctuary sends 95 per cent of seals back into the wild - but because of Nooky and Popeye’s eyesight, they would not survive.

Staff member Andy Hollingsworth said: “Both Nooky and Popeye will always have a special place in my heart.

“I was here when they first came to the seal sanctuary, I helped build the pool they are in and I have seen the pair grow. Who could not love these two? They are amazing.”

The sanctuary is a charity and relies on donations to cover running costs of around £50,000-a-year.

Mr Drew said: “It’s a major attraction for Mablethorpe and thousands of people from across the country come to see Popeye and Nooky every year. They are both good pals and are very playful. Nooky helps Popeye navigate his way around the pool.”

Donations have already started to arrive with Mr Drew adding: “It’s been fantastic to see that we have raised around £2,500, with donations coming in from all across the country.

“Our appeal has had over 50,000 views on social media. We cannot thank everyone enough for their support. Every penny counts. We had a lady give us £5 and she said that was all she could afford. To us, that is an 
amazing amount.”

1 And don’t forget donations can be made via the sanctuary website: