Willoughby wife in charity pledge

Lisa Riches, Slimming World consultant, and Kerry Moss. Photo John Crossland.
Lisa Riches, Slimming World consultant, and Kerry Moss. Photo John Crossland.

A DEVOTED wife is taking on a challenge to help raise funds for a cancer charity after recently finding out that her husband is terminally ill.

Kerry Moss, 26, of Willoughby near Alford, is undertaking a sponsored slim in a bid to lose four stone in weight and raise their £2,000 target.

All the proceeds will be donated to Cancer Research UK and although her husband Dave’s type is terminal, he believes his suffering will not be in vain as a result of the fundraising.

Kerry said: “I want to make him proud and become the slim woman he met over ten years ago, and if/when it comes to the end my boys will only have a mum and I want that mum to be a healthy one!”

The couple have two children Ryan, eight, and Harry aged five.

Kerry and her husband Dave, 38, recently got married by special licence as the couple did not have enough time left for a conventional ceremony.

In January 2011, Dave began experiencing sickness and an upset stomach which came and went. In March, Dave had another episode of an upset stomach, which seemed nothing out of the ordinary for the family.

But in April, Dave visited the doctor with a pain in his side and doctors sent him for an ultrasound.

The scan detected something unusual on Dave’s liver, which was thought to be an infection picked up on a recent holiday to India.

Dave was then referred for CT scan at Grantham Hospital where it was found he had tumours over his liver. A biopsy was then taken to determine what type of cancer it was. An additional blood test later confirmed he had secondary liver cancer, which is a rare type and is thought to have originated from somewhere else in his body.

Kerry added: “The specialist told us that the cancer is terminal and there was no treatment that would get rid of his cancer. All they can provide are the usual treatments, chemotherapy and hormone targeted treatment to try and prolong and improve what time he has left.”

Kerry will also be holding a Schools Out Summer Party on Saturday July 23 at St Wilfrid’s Church Hall in Alford from 2pm till 5pm. Admission is £2. Donations can be made at www.justgiving.com/KERRY-MOSS.