Super slimmer ‘smiling more’ than ever now

Lorriane Austin after her weight loss.
Lorriane Austin after her weight loss.

A Skegness woman is grinning from ear to ear after shedding more than nine stone in just 18 months.

Lorraine Austin, 59, had been struggling with her weight for a number of years, and after speaking to her friend Sheila Duckenfield, also from Skegness, she decided to seek medical advice.

Lorriane Austin before her weight loss.

Lorriane Austin before her weight loss.

Sheila and Lorraine went to The Beacon Medical Practice, and after a meeting with medical professionals, a referral was made to join Weight Watchers.

Lorraine said: “I was looking for a quick fix, perhaps some tablets, but the doctors referred me to Weight Watchers.”

Sheila also went with Lorraine to her first Weight Watchers’ meeting, and supported her throughout.

Initially Lorraine attended meetings wearing her size 26 purple coat, which she wore even when on the scales.

But as soon as she began to lose weight, Lorraine felt confident enough to ditch the cover-up item.

Lorraine said: “The first weight loss in the meeting was the happiest moment for me on my journey. It made me realise I could do this.”

Lorraine said that Claire Spence, who leads meetings, was very welcoming and ‘didn’t make me feel like an oddity’.

Lorraine followed the diet plan from Weight Watchers, and as a vegetarian, incorportated Quorn into her diet.

She said: “The best thing is, I never went without what I wanted.”

Lorraine’s self confidence has now rocketed after her amazing weight loss.

She said: “My family and friends have seen such a big difference in me.

“I smile a lot more now.

“Before I would keep my gaze to the floor, but now I’m happy and I want to show the world.”

Lorraine paid tribute to Sheila, and said: “If it wasn’t for Sheila, I’d still be sat here in my size 26 coat.”