SPECIAL REPORT: ‘Significant sums’ of money ivested by ELDC


East lindsey District Council insists it is tackling the issues surrounding obesity head on.

Strategic development officer Semantha Neal said: “The issue of obesity isn’t just specific to East Lindsey, or even to the UK. Even in areas with the lowest levels of overweight and obese residents, the percentages are still high, over 50 per cent, showing the widespread nature of the problem faced by local authorities and health services. across the country.

“There is significant research nationally to understand the causes of obesity. The most notable causes include changes in diet in recent years with people eating more refined foods and ready meals, less people walking and cycling to work or taking exercise in their leisure time, and job roles becoming less physically demanding for many people.

“The East Lindsey population is notably an ageing sedentary population, many of whom are retirees who have re-located to the district later in life.

“That said, the district council is not complacent. We have invested significant sums in providing high quality, attractive leisure facilities. We support many community venues and sports clubs through grant schemes and securing volunteers to support sporting activities.

“We continue to deliver targeted health schemes for residents, particularly those with weight related health problems, such as the successful HEELERS scheme and through our health trainers to help people make significant, lasting changes to their lifestyles.”