Smokers asked - What will help you stub out?


If you’re a smoker who’s ready to quit, Lincolnshire County Council wants to know what support would help you kick the habit.

The council is asking for views from current smokers, those who would like to quit, and those who already have, as part of a consultation that runs until July 31.

Feedback will help shape future stop-smoking services offered to county residents. It is part of a review of the Phoenix Stop Smoking Service.

A 12-week programme designed to help smokers and other tobacco users quit, with specialist support for those who have found it especially difficult, is offered through Phoenix. It also provides access to medications and nicotine-replacement therapies like patches, gum and inhalators.

The council hopes redesigning the service will boost the number of smokers using it.

Senior programme officer for tobacco control Ros Watson said: “Evidence shows that smokers are four times more likely to quit with the help of a stop-smoking service, but only 7.5pc of Lincolnshire smokers are currently using the service. It’s estimated that two-thirds of smokers want to quit, however, they may be using other, less effective methods that lower their chances of success.

“We want to give smokers an opportunity to shape Lincolnshire’s stop smoking service so it’s more engaging and supports them in quitting.”

The survey is available online at and paper copies are available by calling 01522 550544.