Skegness sighting of missing doctor sparks renewed appeal

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THE wife of a doctor missing since June had her hopes for his return lifted after witnesses reported seeing him in the Skegness area.

Dr David Lidgey, 52, left his family home in Downham Market, Norfolk, having written a note saying he had ‘gone for a walk’ but never returned.

Despite a number of sightings and a dedicated campaign led by his wife Shona the trail had gone cold until a renewed national media appeal in December was picked up on by a Skegness woman who was convinced she had seen him in Morrisons.

The witness contacted Shona, who eagerly visited the town in an attempt to find her missing husband and reunite him with her and their three children.

She said: “This latest sighting has made us feel hopeful he may return.

“If anyone has seen anything please report it to the police, even if you’re not sure, it could help and it’s not a hindrance.”

“Since he left it has been devastating for the family and emotionally we are all in turmoil.

“We’ve always expected him to come back so we’ve not been able to grieve for him.

“Although you can learn to live with it you can never let go.”

David had struggled with depression leading up to his disappearance but despite his medical background and repeated attempts from Shona, he felt unable to seek help.

“He became more and more depressed and he had not been able to settle after we moved to Norfolk,” she said.

“He felt that he was unable to seek help but I felt the only way for him to cope with it was for someone outside to help him.

“I was always trying to get him to do that but he refuse and did not feel able to admit it and I feel that my pressuring him to do it might have made him leave.

“My worry is that he has got worse, because he was depressed when he left and has been living rough for six months which may have caused him to deteriorate.”

David is described as white, 6ft 3in tall, of slim build with brown, greying hair.

He is short sighted and has droopy eye lids which Shona said gives the appearance that he is frowning or squinting.

He used to work as a labourer and a gardener and Shona believes he may have sought work in these sectors.

Although the family do not want to get their hopes up unduly, she feels the reported sighting in Skegness could indicate he is trying to head home.

Shona said: “We want him home and he needs to know that he belongs with us and we would do everything possible to help him.”

l If you think you may have spotted David contact Shona on 07538 897728 or Norfolk Police on 101.