Skegness Hospital Watch in cash plea

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HEALTH campaigners hope to purchase three blood testing machines for Skegness Hospital to diagnose early symptoms of Alzheimer’s, strokes and heart attacks.

Skegness Hospital Watch require a further £28,000 to buy the potentially life-saving devices and have asked Skegness Town Council for permission to carry out street collections to help achieve this.

Speaking at a Skegness Town Council meeting on Thursday fund raising manager Geoff Poulter said: “We’ve got enough money to buy one machine but we need public support to get the others.

“They are cracking machines that can help with diabetes, strokes and heart attacks.

“If we cannot collect on the street that will really push us back because I think the people of this town will really put their hands in their pockets to help us.”

Although Skegness Hospital is unable to buy the machines itself, it could to train the staff to operate them if Hospital Watch is successful in its campaign.

Although Skegness Hopsital Watch is not a registered charity it has previously raised more than £100,000 to help save the hospital’s Scarbrough Ward, and has also campaigned for the introduction of X-ray machines, more clinics and extra beds.

Skegness Town Council generally only authorise registered charity collections in the town but Mr Poulter requested they make an exception.

Councillors were supportive of the plans and have agreed to discuss the matter at the next council meeting - though they were mindful as to whether making an exception in this instance could open the floodgates for other collectors.

Coun Neil Cooper also explained that it was not difficult or expensive to register as a charity and Mr Poulter has since begun that process.

l If you would like to donate or host a fund raising event contact Mr Poulter on 01754 876897 or attend the next Skegness Hospital Watch meeting held every third Thursday of the month at the Crown Hotel, Drummond Road at 7pm.