‘Rats as big as cats’ in fly-tipped mess behind Skegness homes

Fly-tipping issue behind the houses at The Close, Skegness.
Fly-tipping issue behind the houses at The Close, Skegness.

A Skegness father is appalled at the state of a privately owned piece of land behind his home - claiming it is riddled with ‘rats the size of cats’.

Barely two weeks after Lee Tattersall and his family moved into their new home in The Close, Skegness, behind the former Kwik Save site, he has been forced to call environmental officers through fears for his young children.

“The rats are as big as cats. I moved for an exchange and had no idea it was as bad as that back there, and people have told me it stinks in the summer,” he said.

The father of three moved from Winthorpe on November 2 hoping the garden at the new house would be the perfect place for his children to play.

“I can’t let them out there; I was going to do it up all nice but I’m worried what they will get down there,” he said.

“I have to supervise my son who is eight but I can’t let my girls out,” he said.

Although the house is great, Lee says he feels disgusted with how it has been left and urges the authorities to help get it sorted.

Lee claims he telephoned Skegness Town Council, who advised him it was private land. The district council sent out environmental officers and were set to visit the area as the Standard went to print on Tuesday with a representative from New Linx housing group.

Lee also feels an additional fence should be put up in his garden as there are several holes allowing for his children to wander out.

An ELDC spokesperson said: “The district council is aware of an ongoing issue with people fly-tipping their waste at the former Kwik Save site.

“The landowner has recently cleared the site of a considerable amount of fly-tipped waste, however, the issue has re-occurred.

“The district council is investigating this issue under Untidy Land legislation along with complaints in relation to vermin.”

To report fly-tipping call: 0800 1955228.