Patient transport provider begins to supply non-emergency patient transport for NHS in Lincolnshire

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NSL CARE Services, one of the UK’s largest providers of patient transport services, has begun to supply non-emergency patient transport for the NHS in Lincolnshire as of today (Sunday).

Working on behalf of the health community, NSL Care will transport patients, who are eligible for patient transport, to and from their scheduled health appointments.

General Manager for NSL Care, Chris Dexter said: “We are delighted to be working in Lincolnshire. It is our responsibility to make sure all patients who use our service are transferred to and from their health appointments as quickly and comfortably as possible, whilst ensuring that they receive first class standards of medical care while in transit.”

Patients who are eligible will be able to book their own transport by calling NSL on 0843 357 1556 and advice on eligibility criteria is available from NSL’s website

Chris added that NSL will also be highlighting eligibility criteria for the services, to ensure that people who do not qualify for patient transport on medical grounds do not use the service, so it is always available for those who need it.

“Whenever NSL takes over a new service from another contractor we always check that there is a good understanding of how the criteria work in practice, so that we can ensure it is only used by those who meet the national criteria.”

“We are working closely with key partners across the community to deliver a seamless transfer of provider and request their support in community the criteria.

“We have a duty to ensure that the service provides good value for money for the NHS, and also that it is always available to those who need it, so we will be working with local health care providers to make sure that we apply the criteria sensibly and sensitively.”