New autism group

A mildly autistic Chapel St Leonards man has created a new group for families affected by the condition to help raise awareness and support for fellow sufferers.

Chris Dingley believes there is a lot of stigma attached to the condition from uninformed members of the public, which he hopes the group can help to combat.

“The main agenda is to spread awareness,” he said.

“Parents are often accused of not looking after their child properly when they act up in public - but often they can become uncontrollable,” he said.

“From an activism side of things I’m hoping we can educate people, because there seems to be a lack of awareness out there.”

Chris has been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome and is classed as a ‘functioning autistic’. But having seen his uncle require round the clock care to cope with his more severe forms of the condition, Chris is all too aware of the impact it can have on lives.

He believes that by creating the group, sufferers and their parents can get to know one another and in the long term raise funds for group outings.

Currently his Facebook Group has 36 members but he hopes to reach more. Contact Chris on 01754 871444.