Mum to become consultant in Skegness Slimming World group

Alison MacGregor and her daughter in the kitchen. Photo supplied.
Alison MacGregor and her daughter in the kitchen. Photo supplied.
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A mother who turned to Slimming World to help shed the pounds enjoyed such success she is about to start as a consultant within the weight-loss club.

Allison MacGregor attended her first Slimming World in November 2010 - after her own efforts to lose her post-baby weight stalled.

And she enjoyed such success that she is set to launch a new Slimming World group at Skegness Academy on Thursday, October 31 at 7.30pm.

Her journey to group leader began after the birth of her daughter, when she decided that a change of lifestyle was needed.

The gym was Allison’s first stop, signing up and working out upto three times a week. The weight started to come off, and life was great.

But it didn’t take long for things to change, and the scales started to creep up.

Allison explained: “I believed, as many people do, that if I exercised regularly, the weight would come off. My only problem was that I continued to eat what I liked. I’d snack on biscuits, chocolate and sweets, when I was hungry.

“For evening meals it would be ready meals or take aways. Fruit was in my diet, but perhaps only once a day, and vegtables always came in a sea of gravy.

“Full fat fizzy drinks all the way. So it was easy to see why my weight had started to creep up.”

The thought of cooking a meal was something foreign to Allison, and is somewhat of a standing joke with her family.

“My receipe collection only had around five receipes in, and where ever possible I would get out of cooking,” she added. “I found it ackward, and unnatural. I certainly wasn’t Nigela Lawson, or Delia Smith, but more like the chef out of the muppets.”

But it all changed one Monday evening in November 2010, when Allison attended her first Slimming World group. Her mum was already a member, and had encouraged Allison to go along.

“The thought of going on a diet scared the life out of my. My love of all things sweet, made me feel I would be seeting myself up to fail even before I started,” she continued.

“Walking into my first Slimming World group was less scary than I thoughht. Everyone I spoke to made me feel so welcome, and part of the group.

“I came away amazed, I could still eat my sweet treats, and loose weight. Food Optimising is full of lots of fantastic foods, and it sounded so easy, No diet or Barred foods!”

In Allison’s first week she lost a tremendous six-and-a-half pounds. “I was gobsmacked, to say the least,” she said. “What was more amazing I’d still been able to have my treats.”

A combination of “Food Optimising”, “Image Theropy”, and “Body Magic” has helped Allison acheve her first goal, of changing her lifestyle from can’t cook, to can cook, and the second of becoming a yummy mummy.

“Food Optimising sounds complicated, but it’s the reverse, it’s easy. I can eat super free, and free foods as much as I like, and I control my treats.

“My receipe book is now bursting with delious meals which are easy, nutritious that my family loves. Some of my aultimate favourites are Chilli con carne, Sticky 5 Spice Gammon, Cauliflower Dahl, and Diet Coke Chicken to name but a few.”