Mum asks ‘what’s the point of Skegness Hospital?’

22-month-old Rhys.
22-month-old Rhys.
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A frustrated mother has questioned the value of Skegness Hospital after her young son waited so long for an x-ray that the department shut, forcing him to go elsewhere.

Zoe Daubney’s 21-month-old son Rhys attended the hospital last month after he fell from a slide while playing at home.

Despite arriving at 2.45pm, it was two hours before they were seen, by which time the x-ray ward had closed, forcing Zoe and Rhys to travel to Boston Pilgrim. After another harrowing wait an x-ray revealed that the toddler had broken his wrist in two places.

“What’s the point in having Skegness Hospital, because they can’t do anything? Zoe asked. “If they knew the department would be closing there should have been some sort of priority so that those who needed it were seen first.

“Either that or they should have just sent us straight to Pilgrim instead of leaving me waiting with a mardy toddler.”

The youngster is now well on the road to recovery, but Zoe fears Skegness Hospital will be unable to justify the need for it to remain unless it can perform these simple procedures.

A spokesman for Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust has apologised to the family for the inconvenience.

“During the school holidays activity within the urgent care centre is at its busiest, but our staff always try to treat patients as quickly as possible,” they said.

“The centre provides a valuable service to the people of Skegness 24 hours a day, seven days a week, treating up to 100 people per day.”

Zoe, though appreciative of the summer strains on the service, pointed out that her son’s injury was just prior to the school holidays.

X-ray services in Skegnes operate Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm.

During the summer months they also operate on Saturday and Sunday from 9.30am to 12.30pm 1.30pm to 4.30pm

At all other times the x-ray service is available at Pilgrim Hospital, Boston.