Medicine delivery left in busy street

A WORRIED man acted quickly when he realised a delivery driver had dropped a box of medicine and left it in the street.

Mark Van-Hoof had parked his car outside a newsagents in Wainfleet on Saturday, September 10, around 8.45am and upon his return he noticed an Alliance Healthcare van driving away from the Market Place, leaving a discarded package next to his car.

Mr Van-Hoof said: “Next to my car I found a box of NovoRapid Penfill and I obviously picked these up from the road as I didn’t want any children picking them up.

“I can not believe that the delivery driver could make such an error in leaving a box of medicines in the road.

“Anyone could have picked these up and heaven knows what the consequences could have been if they had fallen into the wrong hands - for example, a child.”

Gary Winson, Pharmacist at Wainfleet Pharmacy, said: “Although the pharmacy had nothing to do with this, I’m sure we usually have deliveries by UniChem on Saturday mornings.

“Without seeing the medicine, I believe it is insulin vials, which have no real risk to the public.

“They would be sealed well, however this shouldn’t have happened in the first place.”

Mr Van-Hoof contacted Alliance Healthcare to notify them of the incident and in response via email they said that Alliance Healthcare took matters of this nature “extremely seriously” and “appropriate action” would be taken with the driver concerned.

They also thanked Mr Van-Hoof for bringing the incident to their attention and for picking the goods up.

A spokesperson for Alliance Healthcare told the Standard: “Alliance Healthcare takes the safety of members of the public extremely seriously and we have strict procedures in place to ensure medicines are delivered safely.

“We are currently investigating this isolated incident and will take appropriate action if necessary.”

When Mr Van-Hoof was asked where he found it by another driver, the driver told him that it had been the delivery driver who had dropped the parcel.

“It was actually the driver who had dropped the item and he said it must have dropped out while he was getting things out of the van.” he added.

It is understood that a driver was due to be sent to Mr Van-Hoof’s work place to collect the medicine parcel yesterday (Tuesday).