Hospital praised after husband’s life is saved

Boston's Pilgrim Hospital.
Boston's Pilgrim Hospital.
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A LOVING wife has praised a hospital for the treatment and care her husband received, amid the recent criticisms of Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital.

Doreen Medcalf, 68, of Friskney, believes her husband ‘would be dead’ if it wasn’t for the emergency treatment he received by staff.

“They were absolutely marvellous, no one could have worked faster and Boston Pilgrim should be praised rather than criticised.”

Doreen’s husband, Anthony Medcalf, known as Bill, 63, first went into hospital in September to have an extensive procedure performed after the veins in his legs had burst.

“It was like a horror scene, there was blood coming out of his legs and it took them three-and-a-half-hours to operate,” added Doreen.

Doreen says the ongoing problem with her husband’s legs, is as a result of a car accident in 2001 where his legs became trapped.

The valves in his blood then became faulty and caused the veins to become enlarged.

After the operation, Bill experienced complications on the ward and needed to have another emergency operation performed.

Doreen said: “Five nurses from the day care ward worked like mad to help, there was blood spilling out and everyone rushed to him.

The couple were then put in a side ward and later Bill received treatment at Skegness Hospital then Boston Pilgrim once more where another procedure was carried out.

“They deserve large medals, they were so marvellous, I mean the blood was coming out like a colander,” praised Doreen.

Bill is now recovering well at home and Doreen says her husband is trying to get back on track, as he hasn’t had a good time of it in the last few years.

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