Get to know your blood pressure

Co-op pharmacies are offering free Blood Pressure Checks
Co-op pharmacies are offering free Blood Pressure Checks

Pharmacy staff from Lincolnshire Co-op will be asking the public to find out if they’ve got ‘lucky numbers’ by promoting free blood pressure checks during national Know Your Numbers! Week.

Lincolnshire Co-op pharmacies will be among the 1,000 ‘Pressure Stations’ taking part in the nation’s biggest blood pressure testing event run by charity Blood Pressure UK. The event takes place annually in the second week of September and each year around 250,000 people from across the UK receive a free check.

Last year more than 260 people had their pressure tested in the 44 pharmacies taking part and Lincolnshire Co-op is keen to encourage people to up that number.

For many, their numbers are far from lucky. A shocking one in three adults has high blood pressure and a third of those have no idea as it has no symptoms. The UK’s biggest silent killer, it is responsible for 60 per cent of strokes and 40 per cent of heart attacks, as well as being a risk factor for kidney disease and dementia.

Research from Blood Pressure UK has revealed that nearly 90 percent people do not know their own blood pressure numbers but people are twice as likely to know their lottery numbers.

Once identified, high blood pressure can be managed and returned to healthy levels.

Head of pharmacy at the society Alastair Farquhar said: “Having your blood pressure checked is quick, easy and painless. We’re pleased to be working with charity Blood Pressure UK to urge all adults to find out their own blood pressure numbers – knowing your lottery numbers might not win you the lottery, but knowing your blood pressure numbers could save your life!”