Get flu vaccinated

THE NHS is launching a campaign to encourage people at risk of flu to get protected and have the vaccine.

Last winter’s flu outbreak resulted in over 600 deaths in the UK, and thousands more people died with flu as a contributory factor.

Four groups have been identified as being most at risk:

l Pregnant women and their baby.

l People with long term conditions which can be anything from diabetes to asthma, heart disease and multiple sclerosis.

l Carers, and people over 65 years.

Dr Tony Hill, Director of Public Health for NHS Lincolnshire said: “Flu is different to getting a cold and the effects of seasonal flu are often underestimated. Some people are more at risk from flu and need the vaccine because they are not able to fight off flu as easily as others.

“It can often result in more serious complications which require hospital treatment – and the figures from last winter show that sometimes there can be devastating consequences.

“This can be prevented by having the vaccine, which is being provided free at GP surgeries across Lincolnshire for people with long term conditions, carers, those over 65 and pregnant women.

“Flu is a highly infectious illness caused by a virus. It changes every year as does the vaccine to fight it, so it is important that those at risk protect themselves every year. Getting the free jab helps protect them and their loved ones.”

Those wishing to get vaccinated can go to Hawthorn Medical Practice on September 29, 30 and October 11, 14, 18 (at the branch surgery in Burgh Le Marsh), 19, 21, 25. Call 01754 896350. Or Wainfleet Surgery on October 4, 12, 17 and 19 call 01754 880212.