From a student fast food fan to super slimmer

Super slimmer Jo Burnett pictured before and after her eight stone weight loss.
Super slimmer Jo Burnett pictured before and after her eight stone weight loss.

The shock at discovering her true body weight ‘mortified’ a young Skegness woman into shedding eight stones – and eight dress sizes.

Jo Burnett’s transformation has inspired her to help others struggling with their weight – with plans now 
underway to open her own slimming group.

“I was a typical student, always choosing to go to fast food restaurants on breaks and lunch times and even sometimes after college too,” explained Jo, 22, who lost the weight over three years.

“I struggled walking up Lindum Hill in Lincoln to the college and would feel tired, hot and sweaty.

“I then had to spend eight hours on my feet at college, which made me feel even more uncomfortable.”

Jo, who is 5ft 4ins tall, was a size 26 and, because of her weight, suffered from medical issues such as sores on her legs and her arms.

She went to see her doctor who suggested she lose weight – but she was not offered any support to do this.

Finally, she found Slimming World where, stepping on to the scales for the first time, she said she was ‘mortified’ to be confronted by the true scale of her weight gain.

The group gave her encouragement and guidance and showed her how she could easily follow a healthier lifestyle.

She is now a size 10/12.

“My life has completely changed over the last three years,” Jo said. “I have learned so many things – most of all, how to love myself again.

“I have more energy and enthusiasm for life.

“I even go to the gym three times a week, when I wouldn’t have dreamt of stepping foot inside a gym before.”

Jo is now preparing to open her first Slimming World group in Wainfleet. It will take place at the Methodist Church and community centre on Thursday, September 24, at 7.30pm.