Fresh Fitness staff ‘save man’s life’

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A Skegness man has returned to a local gym to thank the staff who likely saved his life - after they realised something might be wrong with his heart and advised he seek medical attention.

Robin Wilkinson, 57, visited Fresh Fitness, based at The Richmond Holiday Centre, earlier this month in a bid to get more active.

And his visit likely saved his life after personal trainer Ben Bloodworth spotted something wrong with Robin’s blood pressure during the gym’s routine induction assessments.

Ben instinctively referred Robin to his GP, Dr Saeed, at the Hawthorne Medical Practice.

“Robin went to see Dr Saeed last week,” said Mark Belton, Fresh Fitness manager.

“He realised something wasn’t right and referred Robin to Pilgrim Hospital at Boston for further in investigations.

“Monday night Robin had to stay at Pilgrim and so they could monitor his heart throughout the nigh. His heart rate went as low as 21 beats per minute,” he added.

“The following morning the specialist at Pilgrim made a decision to operate on Robin’s heart and fitted him with a pacemaker.

“Robin then left the hospital that evening in amazement of what had happened over the past 48 hours.

“The specialist informed Robin that if it wasn’t for Ben referring him he could have gone into severe heart failure or even death,” he added.

Robin and his family popped into Fresh Fitness on Friday to personally thank Ben for saving his life.

Speaking after his ordeal, Robin Wilkinson said: “I can’t thank Fresh Fitness enough as I had no idea. I had felt dizzy and had fatigue at times but put it down to being unfit, I really think the team go out of their way to help and my advice to anyone is to take it seriously and go and get checked out. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t know where down the line this problem would have cropped up.”

“Fresh Fitness strives on trying to improve the health and wellbeing of the local communities, as a way of trying to identify similar issues we are inviting the public to a free seven-day trial,” added Mark.

For more details and to find out more contact Fresh Fitness on 01754 769265.